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“Gidget is a much

happier dog since

you came. She’s back to the

calm girl we know. Still working on it at the park but lead training (except for the initial excitement) is improving too. We are thrilled.”


- Cassandra, Josh, Hugo & Gidget

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Thank you for coming

to the house on Monday

night to catch us up on training -

we learned a lot and Fiona really enjoyed it. We look forward to learning more at tonight's session."


- Reem, Joe & Fiona 

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"I really appreciate

your feedback. Bella has

come along way with

the suggestions and feedback you have provided to us in the past, especially with the chewing etc, that has completely stopped.

Thank you again. Will have to pop in with Bella at Malvern Vet next time your there to say hi.

- Tony, David & Bella

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"What a difference!

My standard poodle Sydnee

had a very annoying behaviour of barking at some dogs and refusing to disengage. This was noisy and irritating both for the target dog and people around them. Barry trained Sydnee and me over two intensive sessions. He was clear in his instructions and calm all of the time Importantly his methods are gentle and based always on rewards. Sydnee is now much less likely to bail up a dog and bark incessantly.  She will now come away when called. I am delighted with the result of the training and happy to recommend Barry."


- Russell & Sydnee

"And we went to a fancy

dress party (for dogs). 

Gus went as Chase from

Paw Patrol and won the best

dressed dog!  Not only this, he won a game of beating other dogs with best behaviour. He had to be walked to the front, sit, stay as I walked away and then catch a dog treat. He did not move from his spot until the treat was launched and he caught all five, repeating the same sequence in the quickest time!  So impressive!  All the other dog owners were also very impressed!"


- Julie & Gus

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"We would really like to

thank you for everything

you have done for us and

we really have learnt so much from your classes.

Thanks again Barry and its

been a pleasure doing

puppy training with you."

- Jacinta, Rob & Macie

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"Hi Barry!!

Everything is going great.

he girls are sleeping, listening, less barking!! I've changed their diet too...very happy."

- Natalka, Gloria & Wilma

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"Thank you Barry for

your very valuable four 

weeks of Puppy Training Classes. They were of great benefit to us and our puppy.


Clio is our fourth puppy, and we wish we had found you four puppies ago.


Your willingness to share your experience and knowledge and your obvious love for dogs made the experience all the more valuable, including your helpful offline advice on a variety of puppy training challenges."


Jill, Tim, and Clio.

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"Hi Barry, thanks so

much for yesterday,

it was great!"

- Jo & Daisy

"Hi Barry, 

I’ve had a lot of success

in the last few weeks since

your visit - Winston doesn’t bite anymore and is much better on the leash. Hamish has been very impressed since getting home the last few days! If you have the availability, Winston, Hamish and I would like to come to your training classes on the weekend. We are keen to commit for the long term!" 


- Kate, Hamish & Winston

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"Barry is a trusted

source of advice for all my

dogs, especially my foster dogs who often need a little extra help. He is excellent at helping dogs and their owners reach a happier place with patience and understanding.”


- Annike

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"Charlie is a two year old Labrador.  Before I had the

training sessions with Barry I felt anxious and had lost confidence taking Charlie for a walk.  Charlie was over enthusiastic when he saw other dogs and had pulled me over on a couple of occasions. Barry was flexible and generous with his time, he is a very calm and placid person who related well to myself and Charlie.  He provided me with the confidence to handle Charlie and taught me simple commands to use. Charlie is much more responsive to commands now. I also believe the training improved the grading when attending the Southern Obedience Dog Club classes.  I feel Barry has provided me with the tools to continue with Charlie's training and I would be more than happy to recommend Barry to other people needing assistance with their dogs."


- Meredith & Charlie

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"The progress we made in

our class was substantial. 

You must see this time and time again. So satisfying!" 


- Amber & Leni

"Thank for all your help -

the classes have been

of great benefit!"


- Rachel & Murphy

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"Thank you very much

for the puppy classes.

They were full of information

and common sense ideas. Bess is coming on nicely and seems to love life.  She responds really well to your training ideas."

- Elizabeth & Bess

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"Our vet recommended

Barry and his puppy

training at our initial vaccination.

Barry has been excellent. He provided an informed and enjoyable puppy school for Banjo and myself: and our whole family who attended each session. Barry knows the balance between play and learning. He provided solid nutritional learning and puppy basics in terms of do's and dont's etc.

We attended puppy school when Banjo was a puppy and currently go to his Obedience classes. 

We have had Barry visit us at home to help get the basics right in terms of behaviour with our children, meal times and boundary setting around the house.

Barry's advice was always useful and easy to understand. He was never pushy. Always helpful.

We then put this learning into practice with great results and again saw Barry for some more training: this time around off lead and socialising when Banjo was  approaching 1 year old.

Again this has had great success and given us all confidence.

Barry is a lovely man with all the aids you need in terms of  treats, leads etc.

I cant recommend him highly enough and now look forward to keeping in touch to ensure our trining is on the right track.

- Nici & Banjo

Thank you for doing

such a great job and

giving us the tools to go forward confidently with Otto. 


Your classes are great, we're both learning so much and really

enjoy attending!

- Stephanie & Otto

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"Thanks again for

everything Barry,

I feel like myself and Henry got a great deal from the puppy class and I fully intend on attending your Sunday morning classes.

Owning a dog is becoming one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had and I was glad to have a trainer that was clearly extremely passionate and also highly qualified. See you soon!"


- Nick & Henry

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"Barry has been a

great help with my

recently adopted 10yo terrier who came with not much training or social skills on the lead.  Barry’s firm but kind approach has seen great improvement after only 3 lessons that targeted our specific problem areas. It was a bonus that he also brought along his own two wonderful dogs so Gizmo would accept canine company.


The cost of the lessons is really good value and I would recommend him without hesitation."


"We are having the best walks in the park....he has come so far and is actually aware of me now....runs along among the trees and looks back to make sure I’m coming and runs in big circles on the grass and comes back when called.    We are both so happy to be enjoying it so again I want to thank you for all your help.   Will call on you again if any problems crop up".


- Christine & Gizmo

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"I just wanted to say

thanks and the education

for us was terrific. I want to

continue with some obedience training for Neo."


- Ben, Mel & Neo

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"We loved our training

session thank you and Tilda

is doing very well.

thank you."

- Suzie, James & Tilda

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"Thank you Barry for

your help with Soufflé.

We have seen improvements within the first two training sessions. Soufflé is now more confident and responsive and we can't wait to see her progress further in your sessions. Anything dog-related, I would definitely turn to hellopuppy for advice."

- Vincent, Nicole, Jason & Soufflé

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"Thanks Barry for coming

out and doing a home session

for our cheeky boxer, Chester. Barry gave us a lot of great tips, he even checks in to see how Chester is going. We have seen a positive change in Chester and strongly recommend Barry at hellopuppy. Also great to see him use positive reinforcement"

- Sharni, Jake & Chester

"Thank you so much

Barry for everything -

we had the best hour-long

beach walk ever and put everything you ought us into play - she scored 10/10 - see you soon

(at obedience class)" 

- Liz, Laura & Bonnie

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"Just wanted to say that

I loved today's class. 

Fun, and a few challenges, well done. Little Bonnie is so cute, she reminds us of how far we have come. Enjoy the rest of your weekend."

- Leanne & Floyd

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"Hi Barry, thanks for

everything with the puppy

class, were so happy with how well Morris has learnt some obedience. Do you have any availability in your obedience class.

- Sara & Morris

Also wanted to thank you for what you have done for our little family.

We have taken your advice for Winston at the beach. It has stopped him eating things and

he is so engaged with Hamish and I. We love our beach walks now. Your classes are the

best part of my week and I'm sure Winston would agree. 

- Kate & Winston

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Hi Barry, "it was lovely to meet you and Toby today.


I just wanted to send an email to say a huge thank you for all your help. I am so impressed with how quickly Posie picked up everything. Your methods and explanations were really easy to follow which definitely had an impact on her progress. 


We've been so lost the past 8 weeks with where to go in terms of socialization etc but today has given us some hope that things can get better for her and us :)"

- Nikki, Myles & "Posie"

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"Just gone back to Uni and have picked up a Saturday shift so am no longer able to attend Saturday classes. You've been fantastic and I'm sure I'll call on you again in the future. Thanks so much for all your help the past year" 

- Thea & Kevin

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"Hi Barry, thank you for your kind words, its been such a great experience and we appreciate everything you've done for us and Hazel. We will definitely be in contact again take care! Take care

- VIctoria & Simon

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