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  Private Puppy & Dog Training


" This is where you and your dog's learning begins..."

  • Private One on One Training in the comfort of your home

  • Much more effective than Group Puppy Classes 

  • Comprehensive training program tailored to your needs 

  • All aspects of owning a puppy  addressed

  • Lots of helpful information also provided 

  • Safe training "food" rewards used, NOT "treats"  

  • Multiple Training sessions which last at least 2 hours

  • All inclusive Fixed Fee, After Hours also available 

"Puppy Training is without doubt, the most important aspect of owning a dog and something you will look back on with pride that you made the effort to help your puppy learn how to live with you. It's a wonderful experience and well worth the time and effort"


   Group Obedience Classes 


"Apologies however Group Training is currently suspended given I am too busy with Private one on one Training of Puppies and Dogs"

Behaviour Consultations


"Helping your dog overcome its challenges..."

  • Available 6 Days by Appointment 

  • Both Puppies and Dogs, All Ages & Breeds

  • Servicing all of Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula

  • Multiple Sessions, no time limit on each session

  • Fixed Fee for initial sessions, then hourly

  • Morning, Afternoon and After Hours appointments

"If  you need help with behavioural issues, a personalised one-on-one consultation with multiple training sessions is the most effective option. Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home with a personalised plan developed to meet you and your dog's needs and your entire family's lifestyle. The aim is to find a way to overcome and manage difficult situations to help you all live together harmoniously".

Golden Retriever

      Canine Myofunctional Therapy

“We often underestimate the power of touch, what it can do and the lasting impact it can have...”

CMT is a therapeutic massage designed exclusively for dogs and involves a combination of targeted remedial and relaxation techniques which focus on improving the overall health and well being of your dog over its entire lifetime.

As a "Natural Therapy", some clients choose CMT as an alternative stand alone or as a complementary additional treatment to veterinary medicine. It can be used for many reasons including treating conditions associated with your dog's movement, as ongoing maintenance for muscular and joint issues, as part of their rehabilitation after an injury, as preparation for competition and as an effective relaxation treatment.

CMT has a profound influence on all dog's as it impacts every system throughout their entire body, both directly and indirectly. Every dog benefits, particularly those in pain, fearful, aggressive, timid or elderly. 

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